Register for the 2019 State House Breakfast: Celebrating 150 Years Forward


The events listed below are our opportunity to connect hospital staff, community partners, patients and families with the advocacy work we do on behalf of the Boston Children’s Hospital legislative agenda. Our events range from bi-monthly Caffeinate and Advocate breakfasts to our bi-annual State House Breakfast. See below for descriptions.

If you’re interested in creating or hosting an advocacy event, contact us to find out how we can help!

Please send all inquiries to:

Events at BCH:

  • Caffeinate and Advocate – This bi-monthly event for hospital staff, patients and families, and coalition partners provides attendees with a deep dive into our legislative agenda and steps for how to get involved.
  • Breakfast on Benefits – This quarterly informational session for hospital staff and community partners covers topics ranging from immigration and health care, to Medicaid reform, to legal resources for patients and families.
  • Child health policy training – This annual 5-week course for hospital staff and coalition partners provides an in-depth guide on how to get involved at both the state and federal policy level to be an informed and effective advocate.
  • Outreach events – On an on-going basis, we partner with staff, families, and partner organizations to coordinate outreach events on

Events at MA State House:

  • Legislative Briefing – Held at the Massachusetts state house, these events for legislative staff are our opportunity to educate and inform policymakers on the priorities of the hospital.
  • Advocacy Days – In addition to the bi-annual State House Breakfast at the Massachusetts State House, we host active and educational events open to hospital staff, community partners, and the general public to help the Office of Government Relations advocate for the Boston Children’s Hospital legislative agenda.