Boston Children’s Hospital’s Office of Government Relations works with policy decision-makers at the local, state, and national levels to uphold the hospital’s mission of providing exceptional clinical care, advancing research, and training for the next generation of pediatric providers.

We have a special interest in, and commitment to, our community health programs. We work to develop sustainable and systemic solutions to child health concerns, such as access to healthy foods, child development, and mental health.

We closely monitor issues related to public and private sector coverage, access to care and the healthcare regulatory environment. We also pay close attention to research and pediatric workforce concerns.

In 2022 the Office of Government Relations expanded their scope and incorporated a Payor Relations Team. In tandem with Government Relations, the Payor Relations Team collaborates on operational improvement efforts, patient access and payor policy advocacy.

We are proud of our many partnerships and collaborations with payors and community organizations that advocate on behalf of children.